SRE Weekly Issue #314

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The first episode of this new podcast answers the question in three ways: what Google says SRE is, what the podcast host thinks it is, and how people seem to be practicing SRE.

  Stephen Townsend — Slight Reliability

This aircraft accident report puts heavy emphasis on the deeper contributing factors rather than a seemingly obvious single root cause.

  Mentour Pilot

Google posted an incident report for the March 8 incident involving Traffic Director.


This one includes some neat graphs made by showing load and theoretical success rates for various strategies such as no retries, N retries, token buckets, and circuit breakers.

  Marc Brooker

What if your alerting system goes down? These folks set up a dead-switch to handle that situation.

  Miedwar Meshbesher — Nanit

Strategies for creating concise, efficient communication between teams during incidents and operational suprises

[…] communications must be precise and descriptive to minimize confusion and accelerate a responder’s ability to assess and remedy the situation.

  Steve Stevens — Transposit

I really love these articles about hardware errors. They’re more common than we tend to realize.

  Harish Dattatraya Dixit — Facebook


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