SRE Weekly Issue #420

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The game Last Epoch launched in February, and they had a rocky start. This huge retrospective post tells the story of what happened and how they fixed it.

  EHG_Kain — Last Epoch

Cloudflare’s Phoenix system can find and recover failed servers, reducing toil.

  Jet Mariscal, Aakash Shah, and Yilin Xiong — Cloudflare

More than just another glossary of SL*s, this one also has examples and best practices.

  Sara Miteva — Checkly

Spurred from a question in the SRECon attendee survey, this one really gets you thinking: how does the current “generation” of SREs differ from those that came before?

  Paige — PagerDuty

This one’s about finding out what execs need in incidents and figuring out how to get everone’s needs met.

  Chris Evans —

This post explains how Cloudflare gathers information about their alerts and improves them to benefit reliability and on-call health.

  Monika Singh — Cloudflare

This one contains formulas for calculating compound SLOs when downstream dependencies are parallel or serial.

  Alex Ewerlöf


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