SRE Weekly Issue #308

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Oh, now this is fascinating. Firefox, like, the web browser itself, had an outage in January. It just stopped working for everyone.

  Christian Holler — Mozilla

If you’re looking for an explainer on the CAP theorem, this article gives a great overview with practical details.

  Bartłomiej Żyliński — SoftwareMill

This is about what the security field can learn from SRE. Obviously not directly applicable to SRE, but this article gives us a really great outside perspective.

  Anton Chuvakin — Security Boulevard

Code doesn’t “rot”, but the environment around it changes constantly.

  Lorin Hochstein

How do complex service dependencies affect your SLA? What if service A depends on service B and C being up, but service D or E being up?

TLDR; for serial, multiply availability; For parallels, multiply unavailability.

  Alex Ewerlöf

Here’s how and why not to be a hero. It’s bad for you and everyone else too.

  Isaac Seymour —


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