Applying the Micro Batching Pattern to Data Transfer

Building consistent data┬áreplicas If you have worked on data-rich software systems, chances are you have worked with a distributed architecture where one part of your system needs access to data owned by another part of the system. Whether that architecture is a modern distributed microservices architecture or a set of stand-alone applications looking to exchange… Continue reading Applying the Micro Batching Pattern to Data Transfer

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SRE Weekly Issue #299

View on A message from our sponsor, Rootly: Manage incidents directly from Slack with Rootly ­čÜĺ. Automate manual admin tasks like creating incident channel, Jira and Zoom, paging the right team, postmortem timeline, setting up reminders, and more. Book a demo: Articles More More More! Why the Most Resilient Companies Want More Incidents Lacking… Continue reading SRE Weekly Issue #299

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