SRE Weekly Issue #292

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The lessons:

Acknowledge human error as a given and aim to compensate for it
Conduct blameless post-mortems
Avoid the “deadly embrace”
Favor decentralized IT architectures

There have been quite a few of these “lessons learned” articles that I’ve passed over, but I feel like this one is worth reading.

Anurag Gupta —

Niall Murphy

Could us-east-1 go away? What might you do about it? Let’s catastrophize!

I love catastrophizing!

Tim Bray

When evaluating options, this article focuses on reliability, both of the service itself and the options it provides for building reliable services on it.

Quentin Rousseau — Rootly

This article is published by my sponsor, Rootly, but their sponsorship did not influence its inclusion in this issue.

This one answers the questions: what are failure domains, and how can we structure them to improve reliability?

brandon willett

It’s a great list of questions, and it covers a lot of ground. SREs wear many hats.


I’ve always been curious about how Prometheus and similar time-series DBs compress metric data. Now I know!

Alex Vondrak — Honeycomb

This one has some unconfirmed (but totally plausible!) deeper details about what might have gone wrong in the Facebook outage, sourced from rumors.


There’s a really intriguing discussion in here about why organizations might justify a choice of profit at the expense of safety, and how the deck is stacked.

Rob Poston


Docker Hub
Let’s Encrypt Status
Southwest Airlines

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